Challenge: Shake things up & do something different

It’s so easy get caught up in being so busy that everything else falls to the sideline. Especially when it comes to what we do in our downtime, when we have some. And it’s so easy to get so caught up in managing the unique challenges that all of us have,... read more

You Are Not Alone: On Self Care & Being An Entrepreneur

I used to think self care was hard. Impossible even. That was until I started working for myself, started my career as a freelancers/entrepreneur/small business owner/whatever the name of the day is. Then I started to think that it was another ball game completely.... read more

Dream Chasing & The Big Pause

Lately I’ve been getting really honest about the not so glamorous side of dream chasing, and how my life is changing now I’m actively seeking to be the woman who chases adventures instead of passively wanting to write about these women. And I want to touch... read more