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Welcome to That Hummingbird Life, the online home for creative, multi-passionate, messy and brilliant women (exactly like you!) who want to put great shit into the world and live the life only they can live.

I’m Meg and I believe that everything changes when you believe you matter. I create encouraging, creative and rebel-rousing experiences for couragemakers who like life served without the bullshit (and minus the dreamshitters!)


Building the life you want and putting great stuff in the world takes a shitload of courage, but you don’t have to do it alone.

To make sure you’re not alone on this strange journey we call life, I create regular explosions of encouragement to help you feel less alone and have the courage to own, live and share your story. I do this in four main ways:


1. The Couragemakers Podcast Couragemakers is a weekly podcast for doers, makers and world shakers. Every Monday, couragemakers from all over the world share their stories, experiences and their dreams and we have seriously honest and vulnerable conversations about everyday courage, dream-chasing and living a wholehearted life. Couragemakers absolutely love this podcast – it’s the top 10 of self-help podcasts on iTunes and definitely the most bullshit-free!


2. That Hummingbird Life has been online since 2014 so as you can imagine, there are over a hundred blog posts on everything from dealing with dreamshitters, what to do when you lose all your enthusiasm and 11 fun ways to build your self-confidence you won’t find in Cosmo! There is a lot on the blog so I created this ridiculously fun archive! (seriously, check out the gifs) to find exactly what you need to hear right now!


3. For couragemakers who want to dive deeper, I created the Epic Shit Sessions, a series of coaching and mentoring packages for creatives and multi-passionates who want to make shit happen and find the things only they can do.


4. I write extremely honest Pep Talks for the wonderful couragemakers community, delivered straight into their inboxes every Sunday. As well as going behind the scenes, they include 3 intention-setting questions to start your week off on the right foot.



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