Owning, Living & Sharing Your Story with Meg Kissack (1st Year Anniversary Special!)
Couragemakers Episode 48: First Year Anniversary Episode with Meg Kissack

Hello Couragemakers!


It is SO good to be back, I’ve missed you all! So much has happened in the last 3 weeks – That Hummingbird Life has been completely relaunched as the online home for creatives, multi-passionates and couragemakers who want to own, live and share their stories. I’m so excited with this direction – it’s something I’ve been feeling for the past couple of years but have only been able to really put into words since starting Couragemakers! Be sure to check out the new site – it’s full of bullshit-free resources, a really fun blog archive where I may or may not have got a bit carried away with gifs and just loads of really cool shit I think you’re going to love.


But focusing now on this week’s episode. For the anniversary episode, I wanted to do something a bit different and go a bit more behind the scenes, so the tables have been turned and Mr. Meg is interviewing me for my own episode.


So without further ado, I’m going to pass you over to Mr. Meg!


Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of Couragemakers. I’m Mr Meg, aka Jack. This week things have been shaken up a bit, and the special guest is none other than Meg herself. During this episode I sit down with Meg and dive more into her story, the journey of Couragemakers and That Hummingbird Life so far and the reality of owning, sharing and living your story.


We discuss the importance of sharing your story, everyday courage, reclaiming the word selfish and much more. I also ask Meg who she’d like to play her in a documentary of her life!


As for me, I’ve learnt that it’s a lot more difficult to interview someone than you may think, especially when it’s your own bloody fiance. But on a more serious note, I remember when Meg pitched the idea of her podcast to me, with the idea of telling stories of everyday courage, I felt like she’d struck gold. The stories of people that may not yet have been told, that need to be heard was one that struck a chord with us. It’s bizarre and fantastic to be here a year on, in a strange meta situation, me interviewing her for her own podcast. I hope you enjoy the interview, and learn a lot more about Meg and the way that brain of hers thinks. Meg always likes to suggest you grab a tea or a hot chocolate, but I’m more of a coffee man myself, so go with whatever takes your fancy today, and enjoy the show!


Meg (that’s me!) is the host of The Couragemakers Podcast and the founder of That Hummingbird Life.

I’m an INFJ creative and multipassionate with an obsession for all things colour and a heart for foot stomping country music, Macklemore and hot chocolates.

I mostly hang out on twitter and my email, so you can connect with me there!

Twitter | Email

Mr Meg is a creative ICT specialist, a fan of bizarre real life stories and weird paranormal shit (from afar). He is currently working his way through every single Jon Ronson book and being harassed by Meg to start his own podcast!


  • A behind the scenes look at Couragemakers so far and the inspiration behind the podcast
  • The importance of sharing your story and practical advice on starting to share your story
  • Why everyday courage is so important and resonates so much
  • Reclaiming the word selfish and standing up for yourself as a woman
  • Who Meg would like to play her in the documentary of her life


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Meg Kissack

I’m Meg and I’m the host of Couragemakers and founder of That Hummingbird Life. I’m an INFJ creative and multipassionate who has a bit of a notebook and post-it note obsession, loves foot-stomping country music and likes her hot chocolate with way too much chocolate.

I started Couragemakers because I wanted to create a platform for passionate and unconventional women to have honest conversations and to share their stories, struggles and dreams. The intention behind this podcast is to inspire and encourage creative and mission-driven women to live a wholehearted life and follow the beat of their drum.

When I’m not recording episodes, writing bullshit-free, very vulnerable and encouraging Sunday emails to fellow couragemakers (join the party here!) or making new friends with the wonderful guests, you can find me working on all manners of magic over at That Hummingbird Life. THL is the online home for unconventional creatives and multipassionates who want to show up unapologetically and intentionally as who they are, and really own, live and share their many stories. It’s made for couragemakers who have so much great shit to give the world and want to leave their mark but have too much self doubt standing in the way!

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