Owning Your Story & Writing Your Adventure with Anung Vilay
Couragemakers Episode 35: Owning Your Story & Writing Your Adventure with Anung Vilay

Hello lovely Couragemakers, and welcome to episode 35 of Couragemakers!

This week I’m speaking with Anung Vilay and I seriously can’t wait to share this episode with you. Anung is owner, photographer and designer of Courageous Creativity:the place for introverts and homebodies to own their life and write their adventure. She lives in Minneapolis and is married with one fur baby and works part time at a book-store.

In this episode, we really get stuck into intersection between creativity and courage and how they play a huge part in our lives. Anung debunks the myth that you don’t have to completely overhaul your life and live in a cabin in the woods to be a creative, how courageous and ultimately liberating it is to put yourself out there as well as some great practical advice for anyone who wants to become more visible and own their story.

We have a really frank conversation about the courage it takes to cut toxic people from our lives, friendship break ups and how in this often crazy online world, it is okay to struggle alone and not put everything out there. And Anung shares the much needed reminders for all us doers, makers and world shakers that we can do things just for fun, and not everything we do needs to be productive or make us money.

If you have a tendency to overthink things (like me) and you want to hear an honest conversation about how to get back to yourself and own your story1, you are going to love this episode. This is a conversation I could listen to again and again, and I know it’s going to make you feel a lot less alone and shine light into areas of your life that really need it.

I love what Anung is putting in the world and how she shows up as authentically herself, and I know you’re going to love her too!


Anung Vilay is Owner, Photographer and Designer of Courageous Creativity LLC: the place for introverts and homebodies to own their life and write their adventure. She lives in Minneapolis and is married with one fur baby and works part time at a book store.

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  • Anung’s advice for anyone wanting to own their story
  • Cutting toxic people from your life and friendship break ups
  • The courage it takes to put yourself out there
  • What Anung’s life would look like if she didn’t trust her instinct and make courageous choices


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