• I’m in the process of getting back on top of things after a very chaotic couple of months and working a lot on habits and routines. I”ve become a huge bookworm again and am back to art journaling. I’ve also decided I want to be a female drag queen. Just putting that out there into the universe.
  • I’m taking part in the #100DayProject and I’m writing and publishing a post on Medium every day for 100 days! The pieces range between seriously vulnerable to seriously snarky and you can follow along here!
  • In March, I launched the Patreon page for The Couragemakers Podcast and I am floored by the response! I have a dream for Couragemakers to become a sustainable and independent platform in its own right. I am so thankful to my wonderful patreons and so excited to see where this journey takes us!

I’m working on a couple of really exciting creative courses which are going to be heaps of fun.

  • Journalling for Freedom: a 12-week email journalling extravaganza where you go back to basics, create your own definitions of what a joyful, creative and purposeful life looks like for you. Think un-schooling, ridiculous levels of honesty and really taking the time to figure out who you are.
  • Creating For a Wholehearted Life:  a mixed media creative course all about using creativity to capture your life, slow down and really appreciate the things you learn along the wayKeep your eyes peeled this Autumn for updates and release dates!

Personal project wise, I’m transforming old children’s books into art journals, really getting into collage and have become slightly obsessed with my local library.

  • Taking time to intentionally slow down and rally against the culture of constant busy-ness
  • Making sustainability a huge part of making your own living, and moving away from the starving artist mindset
  • How to connect more in real life in a world which is increasingly online

This page was inspired by Derek Shiver’s Now Page.  It’s become quite the movement for creatives online. This page was last updated: 08/05/18

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