• Right now, I’m living in London with Mr. Meg. If you’re in London and fancy a coffee together, let me know!
  • We came back from our US trip in November with the aim of going straight out to Asia for six months. As our plans have changed, we’re currently looking at the future and trying to figure out what we want. #existentialcrisistime
  • Right now, I’m in the process of gearing up to launch coaching services for creatives & multipassionates (so excited), working with creatives to find their mojo and working on making Couragemakers sustainable through Patreon.
  • Mr. Meg interviewed me for my own episode of The Couragemakers Podcast!  I’m also working on a Patreon page to make the podcast sustainable and start a Couragemakers community!


  • Behind the scenes, I’m putting the final touches to coaching packages called The Epic Shit Sessions. They’re going to be a series of 4 standalone sessions to help you on each stage of the creative journey. I’m going to be launching them early June, so watch this space!



I’m working on a couple of really exciting creative courses:

Journalling for Freedom: a 12-week email journalling extravaganza where you go back to basics, create your own definitions of what a joyful, creative and purposeful life looks like for you. Think un-schooling, ridiculous levels of honesty and really taking the time to figure out who you are.

Creating For a Wholehearted Life:  a mixed media creative course all about using creativity to capture your life, slow down and really appreciate the things you learn along the way

 Keep your eyes peeled in June/July for updates!

I’ve recently got back into art journalling and am loving it! Watercolours is a new medium for me, and I’m enjoying every second of it!

How we can get shit done and rest at the same time, instead of going at it hard and then getting exhausted

The tightrope that is putting yourself out there online as a creative as well as saving some creativity to heal yourself as well

How I can convince Macklemore to come onboard as a Couragemakers guest for the 2 year anniversary episode next year. Ideas welcome!


This page was inspired by Derek Shiver’s Now Page.  It’s become quite the movement for creatives online. This page was last updated: 26/05/17

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