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I write a lot, so I figured this was a fun way for you to find exactly what you need when you need it! So wherever you’re at, I’ve got you covered, and I reckon I can make you smile while you’re at it!


 Want to feel inspired to do the work and less like burning everything you’ve ever created? Read these!


Or when you want to simultaneously scream into a pillow, and never stop eating ice cream.


Feel like you’re not good enough and questioning every decision you ever made, ever? I feel you.


Or when your dreams are being ridiculed, you’re being told you can’t do it, and people are picking apart your plans and all you can do is your best goldfish impression and swallow your words


Or when you’ve forgotten why you do what you do, pondering the meaning of life and generally wondering what the fuck to do with your life!


Need I say more?!

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