Dear Couragemaker

Let’s skip over the fluffy bullshit and get down to what really matters.


You’re scared.

Scared that you don’t know who you are and you don’t know if you have something worthwhile to say.

Scared of not leaving your mark.

Scared of never showing the world who you truly are and always swallowing the words you really want to say.

And you worry.

You worry about the people who I like to call dreamshitters. People who take your dreams, chew them up and spit them out.

And you worry that one day you’ll look back on your life and write the biggest If Only list the world has ever seen.

You worry that you’ll never have the nerve to live your life the way you want to.

And that fear rattles you down to your ribcage.


Beneath all this fear is another story that shines through.

That  little voice in your head which tells you that you can do it.

It might not show up very often because it’s shot right down by your internal dreamshitter, but it’s there.

And it’s not going away.


So let’s drop the bullshit & focus on the truth

You have something to say.

You have so many stories which only you carry and only you have the right to tell. You have so much to say that you could fill book stores.

You can learn to stand up for yourself, to stand up for your dreams and to ignore them.

You’re the only expert on your life, and you’re the only on that gets to decide how you live it

You DON’T have to bow down to dreamshitters.

You CAN quit your job as a personal fire-putter-outer (technical term).

You CAN do something that really means something.

You CAN put good shit in the world in only the way you can.

And you are not alone.


While you’ve been thinking you’re a complete misfit, there are so many THOUSANDS of people who feel the same and who get it.

That Hummingbird Life is the online home for creatives, multi-passionates & couragemakers who have so much great shit to give the world but too much self doubt standing in the way .

It’s about carving out a bright space online, to sit over a cup of hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) and give you all the resources, encouragement and bullshit-free practical shit you need to own your story, live your story and share your story.

It’s about getting the encouragement and rebel-rousing you really need to put your epic shit out in the world and start living the autobiography you want to read.

I want to show you it really is possible to live the life you want to, despite the monsters hiding under your bed.

I do this through my coaching and mentoring services where I help you find and do the epic shit only you do, through  The Couragemakers Podcast, and through Sunday Pep Talks every week (join the party here!)

Believe me, there are so many Couragemakers on the journey right along with you and there’s so much you can do to overcome the mountains of fear.



Because into all these fears? You’re depriving the world of yourself.

You’re stripping the world of the words, the actions, the memories and the experiences that only you can make, and will inspire others.

So I say, let’s fuck fear together.

Let’s cloak ourselves in so much courage that we set the world on fire.

Let’s own our stories, let’s live our stories and let’s share our stories like the world depends on it.




How am I reading your mind right now?

Let me tell you my story.

Meg Kissack

 Baby Meg


 Adult Meg

I grew up as a really (loud) creative kid. There was always some kind of project going on, whether it was planning and writing stories, making writing paper, stationary and jewellery, or trying desperately to get my parents to buy me ANY instrument (just so I could make noise). I would stay up every night singing at the top of my voice, for the pure joy of it, and I’m pretty sure if my video of me dancing to S Club 7 in Brownies existed, it would have gone viral (that kid did not give two fucks).

As I got older, I wanted to do everything. The main underlying theme in all of my fantasy career options was helping people in a variety of different ways. From dance instructor or a science teacher to a funky fashion designer and a kid’s TV presenter. But one thing niggled at the back of my brain. Writing.

And I wrote. I wrote A LOT. But pleasure turned into pressure as I internalised all the great ideas and feedback I received, until I became completely and utterly creatively blocked. My life took a different turn as I moved away from my dream of being a writer and and became a feminist activist who put the cause and everyone else in front of herself. Along with moving away from that dream, my creativity went into hiding. 

Tales of an (emotionally) wounded activist

To cut a long story short (you can the long version here), I became very burnt out. My already existing mental health issues became worse and I no longer recognised the person I had become. The loud, creative child who gave no fucks had disappeared and was replaced with this disillusioned, unconfident and anxious adult, who gave all the fucks in the world.

During the process of leaving my job at a women’s empowerment organisation, I started to get curious about myself. Who was this person I’d become and where had the No Fucks Meg gone?

And I realised, that if I wanted to start the Project Find No-Fucks Meg,I would have to believe that I was worth finding.

That Hummingbird Life started when I decided to choose myself – I bought the domain name and started blogging, with the aim of sharing my journey of trying to find out who I was. I decided that I couldn’t be the only person struggling, and I wanted to share all of the many things I was learning, and consequently, the things I wish someone had told me when I was in that really dark place.

In starting That Hummingbird Life, I started using my skills and strengths in a way that sustained me instead of drained me. I fell back in love with writing, but in a whole new way. Instead of writing stories about misfits, I was writing my own misfit story. I turned the light on myself, took a gulp of courage and started writing about my own messy and complicated life.

In doing so, I started to become the protagonist of my own story, instead of a minor character in someone else’s. By owning my story, I was giving myself the courage to examine what I really wanted from life, how I could live a life that only I could and the shitload of courage it takes to actually start taking action.

And along the way, I learned that I have the unique experience to help fellow-couragemakers like you do just that.

And that’s what I’m share and do here: encourage and rebel rouse you to choose yourself.


Since starting That Hummingbird Life four years ago, I walked away from my career in women’s rights and I became a freelance graphic designer to fund myself while I began pursue That Hummingbird Life as my life’s work. (I still do graphic design work for doers makers and world shakers and I love it!) I started The Couragemakers Podcast to shine the light on other unconventional creatives who have also chosen themselves.

I completed a lifelong dream and travelled from the West Coast to the East Coast of the US with Mr. Meg (doing it soley via public transport wasn’t part of that dream, but that’s another story) and I’m currently in the process of working out how to do the work that you’re meant to do and have it sustain you at the same time. It’s been a messy story, with some pretty high highs and some very low lows, but was it worth it? Fuck yes.

Meg Kissack

My hope for That Hummingbird Life, is that it can be a place of solace for you online and be a place for you to really receive the encouragement, the rebel-rousing and the support you need to live the life you know you can live. THL is a bullshit-free space for you to explore your own story, and to start putting that story out there in the world. It can be a bright spot on the not so bright days.

I look forward to getting to know you! 

PS. If it’s like I’m reading your mind right now and you know it’s time to reach out and work with someone who truly gets it, check out my coaching mentoring services, aptly called The Epic Shit Sessions and feel free to get in touch to see if we’re a good fit!

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