The Ultimate Self Care Q&A!

Welcome to this super post all about self care! If you’ve ever thought about self care, struggled with self care, or don’t know what the hell self care is, this post is for you. If you’ve ever [...]

The Ultimate Napping Playlist

I absolutely bloody love napping. I really think it’s one of life’s simplest luxuries. And I can say with pride (maybe too much pride), that I have NAILED the art of napping. All it [...]

A Day in the Mind of a Self Care Warrior

It won’t come as a surprise to hear that I’ve spent a great proportion of life struggling with guilt, feeling selfish and going full pelt, with no thought to the effect on myself. A lot of us do. [...]

Self care is hard

There’s this myth out there that self care is eeeaasy. It’s like this ridiculously simple thing that needs no attention. Simple as running a bath right? It’s not easy If this [...]

How I fell in love with commuting

For the better part of the last ten years, I have been getting coaches all over the country.  9 hour coach journeys to meet one of my closest friends, about a thousand 3 hour journeys to see Mr. [...]

How spoon theory will change your life

When a lot of people think of the things they want in life, money and success might be up the top there. That might have even been what we had up there in the past. But when you’re in the [...]

Repeat after me: I am not superwoman

Maybe people have called you Superwoman. It feels good, right? We’re in control, we’re pleasing everyone, we’re doing all that we can, we may even become canonised (a step too far?). Right? Ummm. [...]

Why self care is a form of protest

Somewhere between the stone age and today, the world has turned bat-shit crazy. The other day, I read something and had a reaction I don’t often have. ‘Protest is a form of self care.’ I [...]

This one word could change everything

As passionate women who are committed to making an impact in the world, we tend to say yes a shitload more than we say no. Imagine: 1. A colleague asks you if you could do a bit of extra work as [...]

Self care is not bullshit

Let’s make this short and sweet. Most of us want to live. Most of us want to achieve our dreams. We all have a limited amount of energy and time. If we hit the ground running and never stop [...]

7 things to do on a shitty day

We all have bad days. For some of us they’re one offs. For others, they show up pretty regularly. It’s not about banishing the bad days, because like good old Dolly tells us, ‘if you want the [...]

Is trying to relax stressing you out?

Picture the scene. It’s been a hard few weeks. You just want to relax. Everyone has seemed to want something from you, the bags under your eyes look bigger than your credit card bills, you [...]

Fooling yourself into taking time out

I have grown up with a strong sense of selflessness and caring for others. As I’ve written about before, in the past, I’ve really struggled with doing my best, putting healthy boundaries [...]