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I write a lot about courage, creativity, dream-chasing, self-care, vulnerability, world changing, self- love and mental health.  If you’re in the mood to go deep, check out the epic posts!

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Dear the Online Business/Blogging World. It’s time we addressed the bullshit.

If you are a creative, a blogger, a business owner or a one person band and you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re going to want to read this!  I am pissed off. Blogging and generally being online started as a way of expressing ourselves. Limited customisation options, and it was all about the writing and actually connecting […]

Dreamshitters, Standing Up For Yourself & Losing People Along The Way

There’s something people don’t tell you when you start to stand up for yourselves and following the beat of your drum. And that’s this: often you’ll lose someone along the way. Somewhere between finding your voice and dealing with dreamshitters, something changes. You stand taller. You talk with conviction. You start to lose your people […]

Transparency & Privilege: A Call To Action For Online Business Owners And Creatives

There’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now, which I’ve struggled to put into words and felt pretty nervous to write about. And if online businesses and blogging have taught me anything, it’s that when you feel like that, that’s *exactly* when you should be hitting publish and starting the conversation. So […]

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